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Proto Paintball Guns

A subsidiary of DYE Paintball, Proto Paintball was started with the mission of providing superior design, attention to detail, and customer service (all values that BuyPBL highly regards), at a superior price point for budget minded paintballers. BuyPBL carries the flagship marker of Proto Paintball, the DYE Proto Rail - which was designed as an entry level tournament marker, which could provide users a level of performance that rivals it's higher-end cousins – and the DYE Proto Reflex Rail, which kicks the performance up another notch! If you are looking to get into tournament paintball, allow BuyPBL to also outfit you in a tank and hopper worthy of such a high-caliber paintball marker!

Proto Paintball Guns There are 11 products.


  • Proto Rize Paintball Gun

    Packed with updated features, the Proto Rize is the next iteration of the hugely popular entry level Proto Rail paintball gun. With features found in high end guns like the Anti-Chop break beam eye system synchronized by its LED circuit board with four tournament modes and an adjustable rate of fire. The new Fuze bolt reduces the operation pressure by 15%, improving your air efficiency. Select your favourite Proto Rize below to learn more!

  • Proto Rize Maxxed Paintball Gun

    Loaded with upgrades, the new Proto Rize Maxxed is the perfect mid level gun for any paintballer looking for a competitive paintball gun in a lightweight and durable package. The Rize Maxxed brings with it all the new upgrades of the Rize series, but also a clamping feedneck, two piece True Bore Proto barrel, DYE UL 45 Frame and the DYE Airport ASA. Learn about all the new details by selecting your favourite Proto Rize Maxxed below!

Showing 1 - 11 of 11 items
Showing 1 - 11 of 11 items