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Planet Eclipse Paintball Guns

Starting first as a high-end aftermarket parts shop, Planet Eclipse solidified their place as a major player in >the paintball industry by releasing their EGO maker, in 2005. As a testament to how innovative Planet Eclipse is, BuyPBL began carrying the EGO during its debut year, and we have seen it grown up over the last eight years. Planet Eclipse has since then expanded their repertoire to include products designed for the budget minded baller, as well have continued to push the envelop with their high-end designs. BuyPBL carries the all new LV1, the 2011 EGO, Etek 4, and Etha!

Planet Eclipse Paintball Guns There are 52 products.


  • Planet Eclipse Etek5

    Planet Eclipse Etek5 Paintball Guns

  • Planet Eclipse GTEK
  • Planet Eclipse GTEK 160R

    Planet Eclipse GTEK 160R

  • Planet Eclipse ETHA 2

    Etha2-2.jpgPlanet Eclipse ETHA 2 Paintball Guns

    The ETHA2 has been designed from scratch to bring a unique approach to the ETHA platform. From the way it looks, the way it feels and the way to shoots, the ETHA2 is a totally different animal and will bring a new level of performance, reliability and flexibility to this price point. We’re really proud of our latest offering and are excited to see the ETHALUTION unfold worldwide.

  • Planet Eclipse ETHA LT
  • Planet Eclipse LV1.5

    Planet Eclipse LV1.5 Paintball Guns

    The LV1.5 styling package brings the platform up to date with unique design features and custom parts. The latest body sculpting introduces a series of dynamic lines and darts that add an air of purpose to the look of the marker. These lines are mirrored in the bespoke LV1.5 POPS assembly to complete the visual framing of the package. The feed system has been updated with our latest low-profile feed neck (first introduced on the CS1.5) which reduces the profile of the marker and the locking sprocket thumbwheel creates a more robust and reliable package.

  • Planet Eclipse GEO CS2

    The latest in the CS line of markers, the CS2, has been honed with laser-like focus to be the best. To be used by the best. To conquer. And to win. Powered by the incredible GP Core Drivetrain and packed full of new purposeful features the CS2 not only looks fantastic, but it has the ability to over-achieve on every level.


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Showing 1 - 16 of 52 items
Showing 1 - 16 of 52 items