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The Paintball Gun, or paintball marker, is an essential piece of gear that every paintball player should aspire to own. is the largest distributor of paintball guns in Canada and carries all of the top paintball gun brands, such as BT Paintball, DXL Luxe, DYE, Empire, GOG, Planet Eclipse, JT Splatmaster, Proto, Tiberius and Tippmann. If you have any questions about purchasing a paintball gun, please call BuyPBL at 1.800.717.5314 Also, do not forget to look at the wide range of paintball gun upgrades has to offer.

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  • Planet Eclipse Paintball Guns

    Planet Eclipse Paintball Guns

    Starting first as a high-end aftermarket parts shop, Planet Eclipse solidified their place as a major player in >the paintball industry by releasing their EGO maker, in 2005. As a testament to how innovative Planet Eclipse is, BuyPBL began carrying the EGO during its debut year, and we have seen it grown up over the last eight years. Planet Eclipse has since then expanded their repertoire to include products designed for the budget minded baller, as well have continued to push the envelop with their high-end designs. BuyPBL carries the all new LV1, the 2011 EGO, Etek 4, and Etha!

  • Empire Paintball Guns

    Empire Paintball Guns

    Empire Paintball, like BuyPBL, is one of the oldest names in the game, and is known for not catering to just one specific type of player; and with their partnership with BT, you can be assured that these guns will go the distance, and more. BuyPBL offers the rugged Empire Sniper pump marker, Empire Omega, Empire Delta, Empire BT TM-7, Empire BT TM-15, as well as the tournament minded Empire AXE and Empire Mini paintball guns.

  • BT Paintball Guns

    BT Paintball Guns Badlands Canada

    BT Battle Tested Paintball GunsBadlands is the top BT paintball gun dealer in Canada! Empire Battle Tested, better known simply as BT, is at the forefront of scenario paintball gun design. Battle Tested is an appropriate name for this line of rugged and durable paintball guns, which work well in even the most adverse conditions. 

  • Dye Paintball Guns

    Dye Paintball Guns

    Badlands paintball stocks more Dye paintball guns than any other paintball store in Canada. As the largest Dye paintball dealer in Canada, we are your best choice for the full selection of what Dye has to offer, stocking every model, and every color of the Dye DAM paintball gun and the current line of DM paintball guns.

  • GoG Paintball Guns

    GOG Paintball Guns

    Although the GOG Paintball name may be new, their operators are seasoned vets of the paintball industry and have used their wisdom to create a group of paintball guns designed for consistency and reliability, without having to break the banks of new players. BuyPBL encourages new players who are interested in an upgrade to their mechanical marker to look at the GOG line. BuyPBL carries the eNMEy, eNVy, eXTCy, and G-1 paintball makers. GOG paintball states that “By using GOG products, the player's skill is the only unknown variable.”

  • JT Paintball Guns

    JT Paintball Guns

  • Killhouse Weapon Systems

    Killhouse Weapon Systems Paintball Guns Badlands Canada

    Killhouse Weapon Systems Paintball Guns

    Badlands is the top supplier of Killhouse Weapon Systems upgrades and guns! Killhouse Weapon Systems, often abbreviated to KWS is a top manufacturer of paintball and airsoft upgrades. Killhouse Weapon Systems produces the top end Headhunter series of paintball barrels, as well as the popular Tactical Paintball Barrel line. 

  • Proto Paintball Guns

    Proto Paintball Guns

    A subsidiary of DYE Paintball, Proto Paintball was started with the mission of providing superior design, attention to detail, and customer service (all values that BuyPBL highly regards), at a superior price point for budget minded paintballers. BuyPBL carries the flagship marker of Proto Paintball, the DYE Proto Rail - which was designed as an entry level tournament marker, which could provide users a level of performance that rivals it's higher-end cousins – and the DYE Proto Reflex Rail, which kicks the performance up another notch! If you are looking to get into tournament paintball, allow BuyPBL to also outfit you in a tank and hopper worthy of such a high-caliber paintball marker!

  • Spyder Paintball Guns

    Spyder Paintball Guns Badlands Canada

    Spyder Paintball GunsBadlands is the Canadian Distributor for Spyder Paintball guns. Spyder Paintball guns are a great choice for players of all levels looking for a reliable blow-back paintball gun. Spyder paintball guns with the EKO valve are the most efficient blow-back paintball guns on the market today.

  • Tiberius Paintball Guns

    Tiberius Paintball Guns Badlands Canada

    Tiberius Paintball GunsBadlands sells more Tiberius paintball guns than any other paintball store in Canada! The T8.1 is our best-selling pistol and for good reason - it simply out-performs all the competition! Due to its built-in regulator, the T8.1 is by far the most accurate and consistent paintball pistol on the market.

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  • Paintball Pistols
  • Mag Fed Paintball Guns
  • Pump Paintball Guns
  • Azodin Paintball Guns

    Azodin Paintball Guns

  • Tippmann Paintball Guns

    Tippmann backs their A5, Platinum, X7, and TPX paintball guns with a 2 year manufacturer warranty against defects in material or workmanship. The Tippmann Bravo One paintball guns come with a 1 year manufacturer warranty against defects in material or workmanship.

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Showing 1 - 16 of 212 items
Showing 1 - 16 of 212 items