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Redesigned for 2016, the new Luxe ICE paintball gun from DLX brings the Luxe into 2016 with an overhauled Luxe bolt engine, new lightweight milled body and frame, increased air efficiency and a killer new look.

The new Luxe ICE runs at 40psi, making the gun ultra soft on even the most brittle paint and a major increase to air efficiency. The Luxe ICE can shoot up to 1500 shots off a 68/4500 air tank, making you worry less about air and more about winning. Redesigned internals reduce friction and wear and tear on your gun resulting in fewer damaged o-rings and less overall maintenance - perfect for those who don't always clean their guns. Combined with new sleek milling and colour choices, the Luxe ICE is sure to turn heads at the field!

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Showing 1 - 11 of 11 items