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PBL Action Sports, established in 1991, is one of Canada's largest paintball distributors with multiple stores located in major cities across Canada

PBL is the exclusive Canadian distributor for renowned paintball brands such as G.I. Sportz Paintball Products and DXS Paintballs as well as a master distributor for popular brands such as Tippmann, Luxe, Dye, VForce, JT, Empire Paintball and HK Army. Being one of the largest distributors of paintball products, our reputation has earned us the right to become the exclusive dealer for many top name paintball brands.

PBL has the largest variety of paintball products in stock in Canada, ranging from the smallest paintball marker accessories to high end paintball markers. PBL is fully stocked with thousands of different paintball products and a variety of paintball brands!

PBL carries everything needed for the beginner to the experienced paintball player plus all items needed for scenario paintball to tournament paintball!  PBL can be found online at buypbl.com or on Facebook at  facebook.com/buypbl.  Additionally PBL can be contacted by phone at 1.800.717.5314 or by email at info@buypbl.com